Meet alice + lindsey

One of the most common things we get asked is how we find the cabins we go to. Since we're both in love with these little structures more than we'd like to admit, the honest answer is that finding great cabins takes a lot of scrolling and a lot of so-so trips. Over the years, we've collected quite a long list of our favorites and we've also learned what makes a great experience (hint: it's about more than just looking good), so we finally decided to knuckle down and put it all in one place. 

Have fun and, if you find some gems, be sure to share them


Go Escape,

Alice + Lindsey


Alice Saunders

Alice lives in New England, was a farmer, and has a handmade bag company called Forestbound. She spends a lot of time hiking & camping with her dog Maisey, scouring flea markets, and obsessing over interiors. She also has her own little off grid cabin in New Hampshire. 

Lindsey Bro_1.jpg

Lindsey Bro

Lindsey is based in California and she founded Cabin Love. She's a writer with a penchant for storytelling, culture, and design and she spends a lot of time traveling, hiking, reading, cooking, and (honestly) planning the next trip.